Internal and stakeholder communications

When the audience is your team

One of the most important objectives for any organization is to encourage staff to share a common vision. At times of change, this is especially challenging.

Using our analytic, writing and creative skills, Infinite Global helps reconcile conflicting priorities and crafts messages that consistently and transparently communicate with stakeholders and employees. Our work can take the form of a single phrase articulating a corporate vision, a manual setting out the steps in a restructuring, or a video to inform, inspire and motivate.

  • Lateral and new hire onboarding strategies
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Communication audits
  • Channel management
  • Terms and benefits communication
  • Toolkit creation
  • Organization of workshops
  • Training and development
  • Pre- and post-merger management
  • Premerger market analysis and business rationale analysis
  • Filmmaking and creative initiatives

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