Chambers and directories: New Year resolutions to make your life easier

January 15, 2015

Even though US Chambers deadlines are not for a bit, a few easy steps now can save you time and grief down the line. Here are three tips that will make your life easier:

1. Encourage partners to create a folder in their Outlook called “interesting cases for Chambers/Legal 500.”

This will prompt you through the year to put emails into this folder so that when you need to prepare your Chambers, Legal 500 and other legal directory submissions, you are easily reminded of cases that could be used as directory case studies. Cases to consider including:

  • Those that might be law-changing or precedent setting

  • Those which demonstrate your expertise – complex or high value

  • Those which support a trend/changing landscape in the market

  • Those which demonstrate the size of your team, if this is important

  • Those which include high profile/major name clients you can include

  • Those which demonstrate the international reach of your work, if this is your on-going strategy

2. Encourage partners to consider carefully which referees would be relevant to approach for this year.

It is suggested that you consider when deciding upon referees:

  • Have you worked with them in the past year?

  • Are they likely to speak highly of you and your team?

  • Are they likely to respond to emails or calls from a researcher? (They don’t need to necessarily be the most senior contact)

  • Can they talk about more than one lawyer? (Not essential but can be helpful)

  • Partners can keep in touch with these referees with a New Year’s message and mention that they will be in touch soon with a request for their endorsement for the legal directories and hope you can count on their support for this year…

3. Add to your press release distribution list throughout the year.

Chambers encourages this as it provides the editors and researchers with year-round, up-to-date information on a law firm’s position in the market.