Divorce Litigation in the Press: Ryan McSharry and Helen Scott write for Wealth Briefing

May 12, 2023

Divorce litigation – especially high-profile divorce cases that fall under the scrutiny of the press – can be a difficult and emotionally-charged experience for anyone. However, for high net worth individuals in particular, the process can also be fraught with reputational risks. Ryan McSharry and Helen Scott explore how divorce court cases often attract major media attention and the impact this can have on the personal and professional lives of the parties involved.

What are the most strategic ways to approach media engagement, if at all, and how can the risk of media scrutiny be mitigated throughout otherwise difficult court proceedings? Media interest in high-profile divorce is not always for supposed public interest, but for the salacious details involved.

It is a matter that leads to important legal rulings that the media should take note of and report on. Managing public image is therefore very important, and will likely involve engaging with the media at some point, to provide accurate information and combat disinformation.

A strategic approach to managing public image, and working closely with a reputable team, can help HNWIs to protect their reputation and minimise the potential impact of divorce litigation on their lives.

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