Infinite Global has today at MIPIM 2018 launched its report, Placemaking: Buzzword or Brand Builder?

March 12, 2018

As we face a future driven by global urban densification, housing supply issues and convergence between ‘live, work and play’ environments, the creation and management of ‘good’ places – as drivers of social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing – has never been more crucial.

At the same time, the multiplicity of stakeholders and voices within the Placemaking process risks diluting the vision and purpose of places and, critically, how they communicate and interact with constituent communities over time.

With physical places ever more closely integrated with people and communities, the role of communications – from place identity, brand and storytelling to stakeholder management and community engagement – is becoming increasingly important.

The challenge inherent in Placemaking communications, though, is navigating both the various of understandings of Placemaking and the vast cast of characters, identifying responsibility, and aligning stakeholders behind the story of a place

Exploring Placemaking through the lens of the traditional development timeline, from planning permission through to legacy, the report reveals the communications and branding issues faced by Placemakers, from across the Real Estate community as they seek to deliver places that resonate with people.

Download the full Placemaking report here.