Infinite Global publishes first annual Climate Change report

International communications firm Infinite Global today released its first-ever assessment of the firm’s carbon emissions, as part of its inaugural annual Climate Change report.

The report covers the 2021 calendar year, and is one of the firm’s major commitments as part of its wider Climate Change strategy. This includes a pledge to achieve net zero status by 2050 (if not sooner), and halve the firm’s overall emissions by 2030.

The report also provides an update on the status and progress of various other aspects of the program, including pro-bono efforts and leading industry debate around climate change-related reputational issues. In January 2022, Infinite Global announced a year-long pro-bono partnership with the Climate Parliament, in support of its work to progress global green grids technology around the world.

“This first report represents a small, but important, milestone in our climate change program,” said Scott Addison, UK Board Director who is spearheading the initiative. “Transparency is a key element of any effort by an organization to address the climate change challenge, and we are no exception. We still have much to do – both individually and as a business – to achieve our targets and commitments, but I’m very encouraged by the progress that has been made thus far.”

More information about Infinite Global’s climate change program can be found at