International Women’s Day 2024: Isabel Podda and Katherine Mills in PR Week

March 8, 2024

PRWeek: International Women's Day 2024

On International Women’s Day 2024, PR Week features contributions from Infinite Global COO Isabel Podda and Account Director Katherine Mills, discussing careers advice for female PR professionals, and the importance for companies to put substance before symbolism when it comes to communications and campaigns on awareness days.

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International Women’s Day 2024: Women in PR give their careers advice

““My overarching advice is don’t be a passenger in life. Despite significant steps forward for women’s equality, there’s still a long way to go. Make sure you play a positive role in driving for change. Being a woman is a strength, not a weakness; keep your imposter syndrome firmly locked away. Trust your instincts and don’t shy from boldness – don’t let your story be a series of ‘if I had dones’. Make every day count by achieving one personal goal daily, no matter how small.”

Isabel Podda, COO, Infinite Global


Stop talking about yourself this International Women’s Day

“If IWD is the only milestone in the calendar year where the female talent pipeline, gender diversity or pay equity issues are addressed, internally or externally, then IWD activations are the least of an organisation’s problems and communications teams can’t single-handedly achieve the needed change.”

Katherine Mills, Account Director, Infinite Global