Sophie Cikovsky tells Fast Company how to nail a phone interview

August 30, 2017

Infinite Global Associate Vice President Sophie Cikovksy was quoted in “12 Things to Avoid if you Want to Nail Your Phone Interview,” published by Fast Company.

“About a quarter of the people with whom I schedule phone interviews aren’t on time,” says Cikovsky. “While this bothers me personally, it’s also indicative of someone who isn’t very detail-oriented. In order to identify this early in the hiring process, I started asking all candidates a few years ago to call me as opposed to calling them at an agreed-upon time. That way if I hear from them at 1:13 p.m. or 12:49 p.m. instead of our planned 1:00 p.m. interview time, I have an early indicator that they might not be a great fit.”

You may view the full article here.