Spear’s 500 2023: Ryan McSharry named in top reputation managers

February 13, 2023

Our UK Head of Crisis & Litigation Ryan McSharry has been named one of the top reputation managers by Spear’s Magazine in their Spear’s 500 index for the second year in a row.

What is Spear’s 500?

Described as the indispensable guide to the top private client advisers, wealth managers, lawyers, and service providers for HNW individuals, Spear’s has become a byword for quality advice by recommending only people and companies that exhibit excellence. Making their debut in 2023’s index are advisers based in Dubai, Singapore, and Monaco, as well as experts in everything from probate finance to ophthalmology. Advisers and firms are selected for inclusion in the Spear’s rankings on merit and thanks to the research process, and it’s not possible to pay to be featured.

Why is Spear’s 500 pivotal for the sector it serves? In the age of social media and fast-paced 24-hour news cycles, reputations can take a lifetime to build and only hours to lose.

The best reputation managers and lawyers have the tools and means to ensure that their clients’ interests are protected and furthered while helping them avoid potential pitfalls. They work with their clients at strategic and tactical levels to influence how they are perceived by the people and organisations that are important to them.

Spear’s Review of Ryan McSharry

Each successful nominee gets a review from Spear’s as to why they’ve been named amongst the best in their field, and Ryan is no exception. As written in the Spear’s 500 index, he’s a ‘deft PR operator working with range of companies and charities, [and] also serves prominent figures in business and politics in high-profile situations.’

Further mention of Infinite Global’s crisis and litigation work, in which ‘big money is often involved in his cases’, was given as a distinct reason as to why he’s been recognised as a top reputation manager once again.

Spear’s writes: ‘McSharry has worked on one of the largest damages lawsuits in UK history, advising 235,000 Brazilians on a £5 billion claim after a deadly dam collapse, while he helped a large pension fund on a data breach, and advised on a $200 million fraud case at the UK Supreme Court.’

‘UHNW individuals seeking advice on a raft of international legal issues also come to McSharry. A graduate of philosophy, McSharry entered PR after being sent a job advert by a friend.’

Read more about Ryan’s specialisms, experience, and authored insights here.

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