There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to performance reviews

August 27, 2018

Associate Vice President Sophie Cikovsky speaks with HR Dive about Infinite Global’s approach to professional development.

“There’s a case still for annual performance reviews,” Sophie Cikovsky, associate vice president [at Infinite Global], told HR Dive. The performance review process is something the company is committed to doing well, she said. “Reviews can have pretty significant implications for people’s time and success at our company.”

While many companies reject the annual review because of the speed at which business can change, Cikovsky said that’s exactly why an annual review is beneficial. A solid annual review gives a needed foundation and a sense of permanence, she said. “If you’re only looking back on the last conversation, you have less sense of what you’ve accomplished and […] it’s hard to say ‘what do I still want to accomplish.'” Cikovsky added, however, that ongoing conversations between the manager and employee should still take place outside of reviews.

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