Learn how virtual reality will impact law: Special report

January 25, 2018 • 2 minute read

Infinite Global was recently included on a panel about virtual reality at Duke University Law School. We found the discussion so informative we decided to create a special report on the proceedings for our clients and friends, covering:

  • VR’s potential for the legal industry and its use in marketing and business development.
  • How this technology impacts empathy, behavior and more.
  • Potential legal quagmires such as First Amendment issues, in-experience assaults and trademark issues.
  • VR’s potential for use in the courtroom and to settle disputes outside of court, as well as its potential to be used to augment crisis and litigation communications.
  • Privacy implications and how the industry is approaching these.

Panel participants included Brandon Huffman, founder of Odin Law and Media (providing services to interactive media, games and internet companies), Mike McArdle, co-founder of Lucid Dream VR (a leading developer of VR applications for enterprise companies), and Helen Bertelli, VP of Infinite Global.

Thanks to everyone who came to the event, and who tried the technology. We hope you enjoyed the session as much as we did. Click below to download.

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