Employee spotlight: Q&A with Ada Oni-Eseleh

Over the month of February, we’re focusing on showcasing some of Infinite Global’s top talent. We recently sat down with rising star Ada Oni-Eseleh to learn more about her and why she chose a career in public relations. 

Before you came to Infinite Global you were part of our summer internship program. Tell us about your experience in the program.

One of my favorite things about the internship was how hands-on it was, particularly with management. From the get-go I had a window into client strategy and was working alongside experienced staff on projects ranging from drafting press releases to writing breaking news pitches. I learned from some of the most senior people in the company every day, and everyone, regardless of their level in the company, was interested in me and my development. I really loved that, and knew even then just how rare it was to find that in a workplace.

Why did you decide to come back to work for Infinite after you graduated?

During my senior year I looked at other places, but I found that the things I most valued and wanted out of a job — to be able to learn every day, to be challenged and mentored, and to be a connector, in this case, between our clients and the media — are things I had already found at Infinite.

I also knew that I wanted a place with low ego, and I found that Infinite is no ego; this is one of the things that makes the company a top PR firm and a great place to work. People check their egos at the door and are always willing to collaborate and help one another. This creates a culture that is welcome and quite unique, and it was something I wanted to be part of long-term.

What accomplishment in your life makes you most proud? 

Well, I am very proud of the fact that I was my high school’s first nonwhite female valedictorian. My brother was actually our school’s first nonwhite valedictorian ever, so even though he beat me to the punch, it makes it so much more special that it’s an accomplishment I’ve gotten to share with him.

Who has been your best mentor in your life?

My dad. He came from Nigeria in 1988 with $40 in his pocket and through hard work and an unwavering dedication to seeking opportunity, making connections and opening every door that was presented to him, he built a life for himself here. He’s now accomplished one of his dreams: becoming a professor. He often says to me, “As soon as I find that what I’m doing doesn’t fulfill me, I’m going to find something that will.”  I have applied this advice to every big decision I have made in my life, and really took that to heart when I was looking for a career. One of the things I love about working at Infinite is that there are always new opportunities for learning and growing, and this is something I really value.

Favorite food?

That’s such a hard question because I eat everything. I do love well-made Puerto Rican rice and beans with fried chicken. There is a great place near our Beacon office, which also happens to be 10 minutes from my family home, so whenever I go home I always make it a point to go there.

What tips would you give someone who is just starting out in PR?

My main advice would be that you have a voice, so don’t be afraid to use it. This applies wherever you are in your job search or career. When you are looking for a job, be vocal about what you can contribute; when you have a job, speak up about your ideas and don’t be afraid to give your full self. It also goes for building your network; start meeting people, talking about yourself and building your brand. A strong network will help you throughout your entire career.

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