Effective public relations changes perceptions by creating impressions and inspiring trust. We help analyze markets, identify stakeholders, define messages and build lasting relationships.

Media relations strategy

Infinite Global provides experienced representation across every segment of the media, from international outlets to industry and trade publications, local media and social media platforms. Whether clients are planning a launch or merger, or simply want to garner coverage to build brand recognition, we help secure the most favorable publicity possible.

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Change management and merger PR

For stakeholders, staff and clients alike, mergers are at once an exciting and anxious time. Getting communications right during the build-up, on announcement day and over the months following a merger is critical to success.

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Internal and stakeholder communications

One of the most important objectives for any organization is to encourage staff to share a common vision. At times of change, this is especially challenging. Using our analytic, writing and creative skills, Infinite Global helps reconcile conflicting priorities and crafts messages that consistently and transparently communicate with stakeholders and employees.

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Media training

Handled correctly, media interviews offer a valuable opportunity to convey your point of view. However, even the most self-assured leaders can feel daunted by the prospect of being questioned in front of a camera or microphone. Drawing on the expertise of our media professionals, many of whom are former journalists, Infinite Global can help prepare professionals for anything from a simple telephone call to an appearance on CNN.

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