Renewable energy media landscape revealed in new report: Plugged in

July 3, 2023

As the world’s climate change mission intensifies in urgency, a critical factor influencing the success of the clean energy transition is, and will continue to be, building awareness of and favourability towards renewable technologies.

The media’s role in this is vital, shaping and swaying public opinion and sentiment.

How renewable technologies such as solar, geothermal and onshore wind are portrayed in the press can affect issues ranging from the perceived credibility of nascent solutions, to the favourability local communities are willing to confer on proposed development projects, to the appetite of investors and policymakers to support emerging businesses.

The press has the power to shape public perception, affecting the adoption rate and overall success of clean energy efforts. Business leaders in the sector must carefully consider the media as a key stakeholder in order to accurately and effectively communicate the benefits, advancements, and potential of renewable technologies, fostering a positive and supportive environment for their widespread adoption.

Renewable energy research summary

Infinite Global has reviewed more than four years of media reporting data (Q1 2019 – Q2 2023) to develop a picture of how frequently certain key renewable energy technologies have been covered by the UK mainstream press.

This provides a ‘proxy’ for establishing current awareness and understanding of such technologies, their relative position in the public discourse, and the ‘share of mind’ or influence which they command relative to their contribution to the energy mix.

Download the full report and discover:

  • From tidal to nuclear, which energy technology has the greatest ‘share of voice’ in the UK national press
  • How far energy technology representation in the media corresponds to contribution to the energy mix
  • Which controversial energy source has the highest ‘influence’ ratio
  • What the media communications opportunities and challenges are for energy and renewables businesses seeking to bolster trust and credibility as part of the climate change engagement mission

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