Infinite Global provides communications services to companies that support the professional services, as well as other knowledge-intensive sectors including data security, technology, energy and IP.

Business services

From major consulting and learning organizations to multinational outsourcing providers, our senior advisers have worked with some of the world’s best-known names to protect their reputations and elevate their brands. This includes using thought leadership to unlock new opportunities in new markets, undertaking executive-level leadership communications campaigns, defending against reputational threats, and promoting standout corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives.

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Legal businesses

The legal sector encompasses much more than lawyers. An entire industry provides the software, tools and services that law firms, courts, regulators and government entities rely on throughout the global legal system. Infinite Global’s deep experience in the legal sector enables us to help this range of legal businesses — including consultants, e-discovery firms, trial experts, software companies and other vendors — bring their products and services to market, and to share their novel expertise in the media.

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IP and technology

IP is complex, technical and often extraordinarily valuable — demanding high standards of communications advice to match. At Infinite Global we understand IP and the evolving players in the space, their complex needs and varied interests.

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Energy and renewables

Our senior advisers have worked with Fortune 500 energy giants and innovative challenger brands alike, to raise their visibility, position their businesses, address potential reputational risk factors and drive commercial development through robust, integrated communications.

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