Legal businesses and intellectual property

The legal sector encompasses much more than lawyers. An entire industry provides the software, tools, funding and services that law firms, courts and litigators, regulators and government entities rely on throughout the global legal system.

Infinite Global advises a wide range of legal businesses  — including consultants, e-discovery firms, trial experts, software companies and other vendors — on navigating the legal ecosystem, bringing their products and services to market, and building their brand visibility.

Operating at the intersection of law, regulation and brand protection, we have a particular specialism in Intellectual Property – built on decades of advising top IP law firms and litigators, as well as IP management and commercialisation specialists ranging from tax advisers to portfolio management companies.

IP is complex, technical and increasingly valuable to modern, innovative enterprises and individual rights holders — demanding high standards of communications advice to match.

Our work includes national and international patent litigation PR, media relations for mergers and acquisitions with prominent IP components, strategy for new technology companies, and working with market-leading experts to develop IP policy papers, reports and articles.

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