Data breach response

Cyber resilience and response

No organization or individual is immune to the risk of cyberattack and data breach. Intellectual property, inside information, private M&A details, government secrets and vast quantities of personally identifying information — all reside on servers of the world’s banks, law firms and corporations. Every day, servers are probed and penetrated by hackers looking for information they can steal, trade on or sell. Infinite Global has helped clients across a range of industries – including financial and legal services, education and healthcare – mitigate, prepare for and respond to the risks endemic to housing sensitive data. We work regularly with leading data privacy legal counsel, as well as cyber insurance, IT and forensics experts, in helping clients manage the breaches that are an inevitable reality of doing business today. Our services cover:

  • Pre-breach risk assessment
  • Data breach-focused communications playbooks
  • Active breach response, including liaising with client’s insurers, outside legal counsel and forensics teams
  • Comprehensive management of breach communications, including serving as spokesperson for breached entity
  • Post-breach reputational repair

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