Getting to know Infinite Global summer interns Kaylee Connolly & Ainsley Mowers

August 3, 2022

We recently sat down with Kaylee Connolly, a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland and a summer intern in our New York office, and Ainsley Mowers, a rising senior at Santa Clara University and a summer intern in our San Francisco office, to hear about their time interning with Infinite Global and what they learned during the course of the eight-week program.

Tell us about yourselves. 

Kaylee: I am a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland with quite an unconventional undergraduate track. I was interested in the science of communication and communication disorders and therefore started out as a Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences major. However, my interests began to shift as I learned more about the field of communications and public relations and was attracted to the ever-changing environment and the creative, storytelling elements. The following spring, I advocated to add Communication as a second major so that I could explore more of this world. I was met with disbelief and some laughs, since most college seniors aim for the lightest schedule possible, rather than loading up with 6-course semesters. Nevertheless, I could not be more excited for the path ahead of me.

I am originally from Rockland County, New York, which is located about half an hour outside of New York City. However, it is not upstate, as some will argue. I am also a huge foodie and love to cook and try new restaurants whenever it’s possible. I even have an Instagram account dedicated to my food photos! I live at home with my parents and younger sister, as well as my 2-year-old cockapoo, Nash.

Ainsley: I am a rising senior in the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. I am pursuing a BA in Marketing with an emphasis in Consumer and Channel Marketing. During my time at SCU I have been heavily involved with the Undergraduate Marketing Association as Vice President, Residence Life as a Community Facilitator (RA), the Ignatian Center as a Fellow, and SCU’s dance program. Participating in and supporting the arts has been a passion of mine considering I started dancing when I was four years old! In high school I had the opportunity to teach my very own ballet class and enjoyed every minute of it. At SCU, I auditioned and danced in two different productions of Choreographer’s Gallery and one production of Images where I worked closely with a few of the dance professors who continue to influence my artistic style today.

Tell us about an average day at Infinite Global.

Kaylee: As anyone at the company would attest, there is no average day at Infinite Global. Public relations is a rapidly-moving field, where tasks and priorities can change in an instant, particularly given the seemingly instantaneous changes within both the legal field and news cycle. While it is always helpful to maintain some sort of daily routine and schedule, priorities can change daily, and agendas shift thanks to breaking news and client needs. This becomes crystal clear when comparing my to-do list from the morning to the afternoon; the scribbles and strikes tell a story of their own.

Ainsley: One of the things that made this internship so exciting was the fact that I never had an average day at Infinite Global! Most of my mornings would kick off with reading the news to flag relevant articles for the client teams I was working with. I would occasionally have a call with an Infinite Global team member from one of the other offices to learn a bit more about them and their specific job. Come mid-morning, if any of my coworkers needed extra help with a pitch or other deliverable I would jump right in and assist. Most of my afternoons were spent working on one of the two research projects Kaylee, the New York intern, and I were assigned.

What was your first week like?

Kaylee: My first week was a mixed-bag of emotions, headed off by nerves and excitement as my start date edged closer. My first day was a whirlwind, beginning with a painful blister from my shoes (Note to self – do not trust ballet flats for comfort when walking New York City streets, even if you’ve worn them before. You never know when they’ll choose to retaliate). On the flip side, this untimely pain served as a major distraction from any nerves I had, as I walked through Infinite Global’s front doors. I was instantly welcomed with open arms, first introduced to the entire New York office and later whisked away into abounding meetings and introductory calls. There was a lot of learning to do in these first few days, but with that came excitement for the next 8 weeks.

Ainsley: My first week was a lot of fun! I was quite nervous to tackle San Francisco’s public transportation and the financial district but working in office was such a blast. I had the opportunity to meet nearly the whole team my first week and everyone was so friendly. I quickly came to realize the collaborative nature of the office, and the company in general. The team and I went out to lunch and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to get to know everyone a little more personally outside of the office.

What has been your favorite part about interning at Infinite Global?

Kaylee: My favorite part of my internship has been the wide variety of tasks and assignments provided to Ainsley (the SF intern) and me. From learning the ins and outs of the legal field (to which I had very minimal prior knowledge), to working on my writing skills while drafting pitches and media opportunities, to crisis management trainings and familiarizing myself with technical database programs through unique research projects, Infinite Global has provided me with seemingly endless opportunities to experience every part of the business they have to offer.

Ainsley: I had such a great time this summer it’s hard to choose a favorite moment. A major highlight would be the time I pitched a bylined article to a few different publications, secured interest from an editor, and worked with the Infinite team to coordinate edits and publication. A close second has to be networking with team members in the different offices around the United States and learning exactly how fast-paced everything in the PR industry is.

How were you challenged throughout the duration of your internship?

Kaylee: Working within professional services brings quite a learning curve, so it was definitely a challenge to learn the specific terminology, formats, and practice areas that are specific to Infinite’s work. With each new task, I found myself challenged in the most positive way. I’ve been encouraged to learn and conduct research on my own, though also to seek out help from my accommodating coworkers when needed, so that I can create my own unique product while also adhering to Infinite’s standards.

Ainsley: I felt challenged everyday by my coworkers in a way that forced me to produce consistent high-quality work. By week three, Kaylee and I received instructions for the two research projects that were to be completed by our last day. This meant managing my time to prioritize my everyday tasks and the long-term projects in addition to finding room to squeeze in last-minute requests. With each individual article or pitch, I was challenged to generate well-written material that incorporated feedback from my previous assignments to keep myself and my teams moving forward.

How do you see this internship helping you develop your career?

Kaylee: This internship has provided me with a surplus of information relevant to the legal field and the sectors of communications and public relations. Throughout my time at Infinite, I’ve learned best practices for communicating with clients and reporters how to create eye-catching pitches that will hopefully result in media coverage. I’ve also witnessed the importance of a positive team dynamic and how team members work together to encourage and challenge one another while working towards shared goals for the account.

Ainsley: There is a plethora of ways in which I foresee this internship helping me as I develop my career. My PR skill set has certainly grown during my time at Infinite. I have learned how to quickly become familiar with and navigate new applications such as Smartsheet while fine tuning my reporting abilities to be concise and accurate. Additionally, my technical vocabulary has expanded and now incorporates legal and journalistic terms that I would not have learned otherwise. Lastly, I feel more comfortable approaching people, whether they are coworkers or journalists.

What are some of your interests outside of school and work?

Kaylee: Outside of school and work I have a huge interest in food and cooking. When I have some time on my hands, I love to test out new recipes and put my own twist on classic dishes (fun fact: I would like to say that I have a near-perfect eye for measurements; unless I am making a dish that requires exact precision, measuring cups and measuring spoons are foreign to me). I am also a sucker for a good book or movie when time permits. If you have not already seen it, I recommend watching Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel, which has quickly become one of my favorite films.

Ainsley: I love exploring and trying new things, whether they’re food or activities! It has been thrilling finding new restaurants and random spots while living in San Francisco this summer (I highly recommend Tacolicious in the Marina District and Alta Plaza Park in Pacific Heights for a great view of the city). In general, I love being physically active, whether I am hiking or dancing. Not much beats summiting a mountain, eating a sandwich and reading a good book.

What are you most looking forward to as you prepare for your senior year/quarter of college?

Kaylee: As I approach my final year of college, I’ve found a lot to look forward to, specifically within my new position as a Career Ambassador on campus. As an ambassador, I’m trained in career development skills, ranging from career exploration, to resume building, to interview prep, and beyond. I also look forward to spending another year exploring Baltimore to uncover any hidden gems within the city lines. Pro tip: if you ever find yourself in Baltimore, try to venture into Fells Point and explore the historic and hip restaurants and shops that are situated on the old cobblestone streets overlooking the harbor.

Ainsley: Graduating, of course! This next quarter I am taking a dance class that I am very excited about. Besides classes, I am looking forward to spending time with friends and seeing more of what the Bay Area has to offer when I’m not studying. I also have strong relationships with a few of my business school professors and always appreciate the chance to grab coffee and connect with them. Looking ahead to post-graduation, I am eager to pursue career opportunities and graduate programs.


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