Can Ellen’s “be kind” brand survive a not-very-nice scandal?

August 21, 2020

Jamie Diaferia recently connected with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the ongoing allegations against Ellen DeGeneres, her crisis response playbook and the potential lasting effects these accusations could have on her reputation.

With DeGeneres facing a number of serious allegations and claims that the talk show host fostered a “toxic” environment on her set, Diaferia weighed in on her response to the crisis. In commenting on the #IStandByEllen movement, he notes to the publication that, “It’s all about correcting it in real time so that it doesn’t become fact. You issue a statement, and while you have the investigation go on and hopefully exonerate you, you line up some third-party champions.”

When discussing how DeGeneres might be able to recover from the controversy, Jamie stated, “For someone like her who has fought as much as she did and endured as much as she did to get to the top, to go out under these circumstances would probably not be very appealing…Nobody wants to have their reputation tarnished like this and then go off into the sunset just because they have a lot of money. I’d imagine she’d want to fight this and get her reputation back so this is not the last thing people say about her.”

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