Changing careers to impact your field: Jamie Diaferia & Kenny Gary featured on ‘Practicing with Purpose’ podcast

July 28, 2022

Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia and CGO Kenny Gary were recently featured on the Practicing with Purpose: For Lawyers Only podcast where they discussed how they transitioned from practicing law to working in legal PR.

While Jamie Diaferia and Kenny Gary both trained as lawyers, their career paths ultimately led them to legal PR. They were recently interviewed by Cindy Watson on Practicing with Purpose, a podcast that features discussions with top attorneys and other experts about the innate power of persuasion and other tips & tools for a law practice, to provide insight on how they arrived at their careers at the intersection of journalism and law.

In the episode, they discuss:

  • Pushing the drive to make a difference in the world past working in your law firm.
  • The intersection of journalistic writing and law.
  • Taking the tools of your background and applying them to future endeavors that are more in line with your passion.
  • Turning niche law practice into the right content for the image of the firm.

Listen to the full podcast here: iTunes Google Amazon Spotify Stitcher TuneIn iHeart Radio C-Suite Radio