From J.D. to plan B: It’s time to take a chance on yourself

January 7, 2020

In a recent contribution to the ABA’s Before the Bar blog, Infinite Global’s Jamie Diaferia provides advice for young professionals considering a career outside of law.

Your career may not be a straight line. But if you know what you’re good at, you’ll get where you’d like to be.

I was in law school for less than a week when I realized I’d never practice law. I entered the University of Connecticut overconfident and certain that I was going to be the next Floyd Abrams. Within a few days, I was scrambling for a Plan B.

Twenty years later, Floyd Abrams became a client of the international communications agency I started. The line connecting the aspiring lawyer I was to the public relations professional I became is far from straight. But it’s a pretty good lesson in understanding what you’re good at—and what you’re not.

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