How AR/VR analytics may help your business

February 21, 2018 • 4 minute read

Helen Bertelli was quoted in an InformationWeek article discussing the ways virtual reality and augmented reality can impact early adopter businesses. While the implementation may vary by the industry, Helen offers two considerations for B2B organizations that are interested in leveraging virtual assets or creating a virtual environment.

Differentiate Your Company

B2B communications firm Infinite Global created a walkable website, hoping that VR would create a more powerful and memorable experience than other forms of content. Rather than having a typical trade show booth, the company added a VR element that apparently resonated well with visitors. However, it wasn’t clear what impact VR would have on the company’s overall marketing mix.

“In the post-show survey, respondents described our company as ‘creative, innovative, forward-thinking,’ and [they] showed remarkable ability to recall details of the experience, especially a 360-degree video component,” said Helen Bertelli, VP of Infinite Global. “It is a good idea to measure the impact of the VR experience on your overall business/marketing mix to help you measure its full impact. The week we first announced our walkable website, traffic to our traditional website increased 101%, LinkedIn impressions rose by 200%, engagements by 170% and so on. Thus, the VR experience had a very positive overall impact on our marketing and lead generation efforts.”

Understand More About Location

One can also test hypotheses in virtual environments. For example, B2B communications firm, Infinite Global created a walkable website that featured a rendered atrium with a giant globe in its center. Users stood in the atrium and could spin the globe with their controller, clicking on pins representing the different offices to discover other elements such as cascading photographs of employees at that location, graphics pop ups and in the case of the Manhattan office, a 360-degree video of Times Square. The most memorable part of the experience was not the spinning globe as Infinite Global VP Helen Bertelli posited. It was Times Square.

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