How Ellen will try to fix her scandal, according to crisis PR experts

August 7, 2020

Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia was interviewed by Vice on how Ellen DeGeneres might be using a crisis playbook to mitigate the current allegations of misconduct within the workplace and the suggested next steps that can be taken as the internal investigation proceeds.

Popular television host Ellen DeGeneres has faced serious allegations of having a toxic  environment on the set of her show, in addition to allegations of sexual misconduct by three of the show’s producers recently coming to light. As she faces a very public scandal that is playing out in the media, crisis PR experts weighed in on how she can go about recovering from the scandal.

Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia discusses in the piece how DeGeneres has responded so far and the various components of the response to the scandal. When asked about potential next steps Ellen may take to address the allegations internally and maintain a healthy workplace, Jamie said:

“You have to start by addressing the elephant in the room,” Diaferia said. “At a minimum, she needs to talk about what happened, why what was going on was not okay, and how it’s going to be different.”

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