‘How to protect your reputation in a cyber crisis’: Ryan McSharry writes for The Grocer

March 13, 2024

When a cyber incident hits, brand reputations and customer relationships are on the line.

Organisations of whatever size and sector are prospective targets for attackers, or carry inherent data security risks. But some face particularly high threat levels.

For example, recent ICO data revealed a 71% increase in cyber incidents involving retail and manufacturing organisations over the past year (Q3 2022 – Q3 2023).

In an article for The Grocer, Infinite Global UK head of crisis and litigation Ryan McSharry explores the communications strategies which can help brands mitigate the potential brand damage of a cyber incident, retain stakeholder trust and safeguard reputation.


“Only by prioritising cyber communications and demonstrating a steadfast commitment to customer trust can you effectively navigate the complexities of cyber risk, while safeguarding your most valuable asset: your reputation.”


Read the full article on The Grocer here.