Infinite Global provides pro bono support to Upwardly Global

November 20, 2020


Infinite Global is proud to support Upwardly Global, the first and longest-serving organization that helps skilled immigrants and refugees living in the U.S. integrate into the American workforce. Since the founding of the organization in 2000, Upwardly Global has helped match thousands of immigrants and refugees in jobs that utilize the education and experience they’ve garnered from their home countries. The organization offers job seekers the necessary resources and training programs to better understand the U.S. workforce and cultural barriers. Upwardly Global has also partnered with employers by working directly with recruiting teams and offering interactive diversity and inclusion training to help these companies diversify their workforce.

At the height of the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, Infinite Global began providing pro bono support to Upwardly Global, assisting with media outreach to increase awareness of the shortage of healthcare workers battling the pandemic, and the opportunity to address that shortage by leveraging the estimated 165,000 internationally-trained healthcare professionals that live in the U.S. In early July, Upwardly Global CEO Jina Krause-Vilmar spoke with Medical Economics about how foreign-trained healthcare providers can address deficiencies in medical care that predated – but were laid bare by – the pandemic.

To reconcile shortages and prepare for a potential “second wave” of the virus, Upwardly Global partnered with government agencies and healthcare systems across the country, bolstering pipelines of qualified healthcare workers willing to serve. Six states – Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Colorado – adapted licensing guidelines that allow internationally-trained healthcare workers to lend their life-saving skills, which for many include experience in past crises like Ebola and SARS. Infinite Global assisted Upwardly Global in bringing awareness to the organization’s goals, namely integrating the two million underemployed immigrants and refugees currently living in the U.S., with college degrees from their home countries, into the professional workforce and the fabric of American life. Infinite Global is proud to support Upwardly Global in pursuit of that vision.

If you are interested in learning more about our partnership with Upwardly Global, check out our Giving Global Thanks campaign here or consider donating to their great cause here.