Influencer marketing and professional services: Ryan McSharry writes for PM Forum magazine

July 14, 2023

In the fast-paced digital landscape, influencer marketing has gained immense popularity, with brands leveraging the reach and credibility of influencers to promote their products and services. While commonly associated with B2C marketing, the question arises: can influencers also play a role in professional services campaigns?

The Power of B2C Influencer Marketing

Undeniably, influencer marketing has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the B2C realm, generating billions of dollars in revenue annually. Recognizable figures and celebrities endorsing products have successfully influenced consumer behaviour and purchasing decisions. However, can professional services firms, operating in a different landscape, tap into the power of influencer marketing to enhance their B2B campaigns? To answer this question, it is essential to consider the unique dynamics and strategies that could make the use of influencers relevant in the professional services industry.

Exploring B2B Benefits and Effective Relationship Management

While influencer marketing may not be an obvious fit for professional services, there are potential advantages to be gained. Influencers in this context can be industry thought leaders, experts, or respected professionals who hold sway over key decision-makers. Their endorsement and collaboration can enhance brand credibility, reach new audiences, and establish valuable connections. However, firms must carefully manage these relationships to minimize risks. Establishing clear objectives, maintaining transparency, and ensuring a genuine alignment between the influencer and the professional services firm are crucial. By striking the right balance, B2B influencer marketing campaigns can yield significant rewards and drive business growth.

Influencer marketing, once seen as exclusively B2C territory, has the potential to play a role in professional services campaigns. By leveraging the expertise and influence of industry thought leaders, firms can enhance their credibility and reach in the B2B space, ultimately driving success and growth.

Ryan McSharry delves into this topic for PM Forum magazine, analyzing the potential benefits and risks of incorporating influencer marketing into the realm of B2B professional services. The full article is available for PM Forum members to read here. You can also further explore our wider digital PR strategy services here.

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