Kelsey Eidbo featured in Lawdragon’s Limelight series

November 18, 2019

Senior Client Supervisor Kelsey Eidbo was recently featured by Lawdragon as part of the publication’s Legal Consultant Limelight series.

Infinite Global’s excellent reputation in the area of media relations and crisis communications is thanks in no small part to Kelsey Eidbo. The San Francisco-based senior client supervisor manages several of the firm’s accounts and also leads its intake and development process for producing “crisis communications playbooks” – so that clients are prepared when a data breach or other problematic incident arises. Eidbo enjoys the challenges of the evolving nature of her consultancy role and notes that law firms have come to understand the benefits of investing in communications strategies upfront. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from California State University, Chico.

Lawdragon: Can you describe for our readers what your position is at Infinite Global?

Kelsey Eidbo: My role at Infinite Global is to help professional services firms develop public relations programs that support their short- and long-term business development goals and to lead account teams that execute against these plans. I am also a part of Infinite Global’s Crisis Communications and Data Breach group, where I assist in advising firms on their communication strategy in response to crises and proactively develop crisis communications playbooks for firms that want to get ahead of potential incidents.

Read the full Q&A interview here.