Marketing your appellate practice: Jesse Dungan writes for The Recorder

May 2, 2022

In a recent contribution to The Recorder, Infinite Global Vice President Jesse Dungan teamed up with M.C. Sungaila, a shareholder and leader of the appellate group at Buchalter, and Adam Hansen, founder of Apollo Law, for a discussion on how to successfully market an appellate practice. 

While appellate lawyers benefit from some of the same tried-and-true marketing tactics used by attorneys across practice areas, the nature of their work can require a novel and innovative approach to reach very specific referral sources. Whether it is lawyers from their own firms, trial attorneys at different organizations, judges or others, referrals can come from a variety of places.

In some ways, appellate lawyers are like medical specialists who depend on patient referrals from primary care physicians. For appellate practitioners, it is trial lawyers who can be a key part of business development and client referrals when matters reach appellate courts—and in certain instances even earlier on in the process.

In addition to targeting different audiences, appellate lawyers must also tap into a greater range of substantive areas of the law than other practitioners to establish their reputations and raise their profiles. This can be an advantage because appellate lawyers will have more topics and industry sectors within their practice that they can leverage for marketing campaigns that involve byline articles, client alerts, blogs, speaking events and engagement with the media.

Assessing where you are in your career is a good place to start when developing your marketing strategy.

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