Reduce hack fallout with foresight

November 6, 2017

President Zach Olsen speaks with Business Insurance‘s Rob Lenihan about preparing for a cyber breach.

Cyber attacks have been dominating the news, with stories about breaches at Equifax Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Sabre Systems Inc. and the damage done by ransomware such as WannaCry and NotPetya — but the best time to respond to a cyber breach is long before it happens, experts say.

Insurance executives and risk management analysts warn that organizations cannot afford to plan their response to a breach after it has occurred, as regulators, shareholders and clients will be demanding immediate answers.

Zach Olsen, San Francisco-based president of Infinite Global Inc., said the communications firm helps companies plan for breaches.

“We’ll go in and do a crisis communications audit, essentially, where we’ll look at who the organization is, what they care about and who all their audiences are, both internal and external,” Mr. Olsen said. “And we’ll help them build a plan so that if something does go down, they know what to say, who to say it to and how to do it, so they’re not leaving people in the dark.”

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