Communicating reputational supply chain issues: Ryan McSharry comments to The Times

March 27, 2023 • 1 minute read

Companies have long been aware that the blowback from ESG-related failures in supply chains can eviscerate reputations, incur fines, trigger lawsuits and, in the most severe cases, end operations entirely. As consumers become more ethically conscious and regulatory bodies strengthen their rules, the stakes are rising. How, then, should companies communicate their ESG due diligence and if the worst-case scenario arises where an ESG-related failure is discovered in the supply chain, how should they respond?

The recent supply chain scandal involving Boohoo is perhaps an object lesson in the importance of supply chain due diligence – and handling the communications around it effectively. Speaking to The Times (Raconteur), Director and Head of Crisis and Litigation Ryan McSharry said:

“Boohoo quickly sought to rebuild consumers’ trust. It launched a QC-led investigation of its supply chain, hired an independent factory auditor and announced the creation of its own ‘model factory’ that would demonstrate best practice in terms of workers’ rights.”

Read the full article in the recent Supply Chain & Procurement Raconteur supplement here.

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