Steven Andersen speaks with the Huffington Post about the future of content marketing

July 28, 2017

In “Ask The Thought Leaders: What’s The Future Of Content Marketing?” Andersen weighs in on what the future has in store for content marketing:

“Ten years is an eternity in content marketing. Ten years ago the first iPhone was unveiled. The concept of content marketing itself was just emerging. In the decade since, technological evolution and rapid propagation of apps and social media has reshaped content constantly. It will continue to do so through things like VR and AR.

All that said, there’s a tendency to confuse the medium with the message. Each new platform may have novel functionality or provide a fresh way to deliver ideas, but it also adds to the wrong side of the signal to noise ratio. There’s a whole class of products on the market that promise to streamline the content creation process, but they’re unlikely to generate value. You can’t be a thought leader without actual thought. Regardless of what immersive shape the content channels of the future take, they’ll still need to provide real insight to be effective.”

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