We analyzed Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s thread on banning Trump for life. Here’s why it missed the mark.

January 20, 2021 • 3 minute read

Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia provided commentary to Business Insider for the outlet’s analysis of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s statement on the ban of former President Donald Trump from the social media platform.

In a series of tweets on January 13, Dorsey explained the decision to bar Trump from using the platform. Business Insider spoke with crisis communications experts about the effectiveness of the statement and the thinking behind the approach.

“The main weakness is not so much the statement itself but the timing of it,” Diaferia told Business Insider. “Twitter has seen this train coming for a long time.”

Diaferia added, “It’s hard to seem authentic when you’re making a statement because regulators are about to drop the hammer on you.”

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