What clients in crisis need from lawyers: Zach Olsen writes for ABA Journal

January 19, 2022

Infinite Global President Zach Olsen writes for ABA Journal on what clients need from lawyers during a crisis situation.

It’s no secret that investors love predictability and loathe uncertainty. It’s why C-suite professionals strive to increase the former and minimize the latter. And with ever-expanding pools of data and analytics at their disposal, tech-savvy executive teams can now forecast and manage the future better than ever. But analytics and the human imagination are limited.

For this reason, I believe that lawyers, regardless of their practice area, should have in their arsenal the skills and network of experts to help resolve an unforeseen issue for their clients.

Whether it’s a deal gone sideways or a short seller trying to tank a stock price through a social media smear campaign, good lawyers in 2022 need to know how to help. Any event—whether based in fact or not—that threatens to harm the reputation, operations, financial health or future success of an organization can be construed as a crisis.

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