Two well-established UK regional law firms wanted to join forces as a major new firm. The combined firm’s likely new competitive position within the marketplace needed in-depth analysis as part of the voting prospectus sent out to partners. Partner teams at both firms also required dedicated support in order to arrive at a new visual identity ahead of the vote, which would simultaneously capture the enlarged firm’s strengths and carry its ambition long into the future.


In a fiercely competitive national market suffering from a surfeit of “me-too” brands, we knew we had to help make the firm stand out. So, with our precise knowledge of the UK legal landscape, we plotted detailed competitive positioning across a range of sectors and specialties, resulting in a competitive matrix that pointed unmistakably to the firm’s dominance in the south of England and Wales.
Express workshop programs for the two firms’ partner groups were swiftly undertaken in order to reach true consensus.


The brand mark that we created has helped to establish a real platform to take this firm to new heights in a truly distinctive way.