Media circus tamed for tax advisers


The Autumn Statement by the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer is a major event for both accountants and journalists alike. Infinite Global seized this opportunity to position our client, a leading accountancy firm, as a key source of taxation expertise.


In advance of the Statement we offered running predictions and analysis to key journalists, and monitored for any interim policy announcements and points of debate – responding swiftly with expert commentary On the day of the Statement we fielded three spokespeople from the private wealth team to co-ordinate a rapid and real-time response: reviewing documentation for the angles, drafting comments, handling press queries and canvassing the media, as well as providing ammunition for the firm to deploy across its social media and other marketing channels.


Our client’s commentary featured prominently across the national broadsheet press, as well as Reuters, Bloomberg and the BBC, raising the firm’s share of voice against its key competitors and putting it front of mind amongst current and potential clients.