Spotlight on firm’s pro bono work following raid of journalist’s home


In May 2019, Infinite Global was enlisted to help shape the narrative around the San Francisco Police Department raid of a local freelance journalist’s home. The raid drew international attention and our client– a San Francisco-based legal powerhouse representing the journalist pro bono – sought to promote its involvement and convey its belief that police were wrong to raid the home and threaten free press.


We helped the firm fine-tune its messaging around the investigation and moved quickly to contact dozens of local, national and international journalists who had been following the case. We sought to incorporate our client’s position in the continued coverage of the fallout of the raid, as well as to convey the significance of the firm’s role in advising the journalist.


We immediately identified opportunities for our client to speak with reporters and educate them further on legal considerations around the raid and ongoing investigation. When the next news peg occurred shortly after our outreach, we quickly secured coverage for our client in The New York Times and The Associated Press, and on KCBS Radio.