Infinite Global was instructed by one of the UK’s top-tier criminal litigation firms to advance and protect its reputation. As leaders in the field, the firm’s clients typically include global bankers, national politicians, financial professionals, and members of HNW families.

It also has a flourishing human rights and civil liberties practice, which serves a very wide range of individuals and interests including protesters, journalists, prisoners, torture victims and the families of those who have died in police custody.


We worked with the firm to devise a communications strategy focused on creating reassuring visibility for clients, demonstrating professional competence to peers, and supporting clients through reputational crises.

In doing so, we sought to set the agenda on criminal law, concentrating on the firm’s specialist areas – corporate and financial crime, serious and general crime, regulatory law and professional discipline, and civil liberties and human rights.

We devised pro-active PR programs for each area, leveraging the significant experience, expertise and opinions of the firm’s partner team to generate a substantial media profile.


Over a multi-year campaign Infinite Global generated extensive publicity for the firm. Annual news volume reached 1,500 with an estimated audience of 23 million. The firm kept a consistent profile in top-national media, including prominent TV and radio coverage, in addition to regular features across target professional journals.

The campaign also saw Infinite Global support the firm’s clients through some of the most high-profile media stories of the day, including: SFO charges, FCA enforcement, Unexplained Wealth Orders, disciplinary actions, privacy rights, major inquests, police brutality and criminal justice issues.