Getting to know Jean-Luc Renault, Infinite Global’s newest Associate Vice President

February 14, 2022

Infinite Global recently welcomed communications veteran and former legal journalist Jean-Luc Renault as an associate vice president in Los Angeles. Arriving from an Am Law 100 firm, we sat down with him to learn more about his experience as a communications manager overseeing media relations around high-stakes litigation, sophisticated transactions and law firm business matters.

Tell us about yourself.

Despite a name that might suggest other origins, I was born and raised in Southern California. I’ve lived and worked here my entire life outside of studying in London for a semester and a few years spent on the East Coast after college. I started my career as a journalist and transitioned to legal marketing and communications in 2011. I love what I do, but my main source of joy in life is my family—I am a husband and father of two.

What were you doing prior to joining IG?

The hours immediately prior are a bit of a blur, but in general, I was doing in-house communications for an AmLaw 100 law firm, handling everything from media relations to internal communications to social media, with several other initiatives related to raising the firm’s profile and heralding its good work.

How did you become interested in PR?

I’ll be honest—I was initially hesitant to join “the dark side” of PR after working in journalism for several years. But I’ve since found that it’s a great fit for me—far more than I ever anticipated. I like interacting with people and helping them solve issues. Whether it’s working with a reporter on deadline to help find a source, coaching someone on navigating a tough interview, or collaborating with colleagues on complex projects, PR offers challenges that feel less like work and more like engaging activities.

What was your first week like?

My first week involved a lot of observation and getting up to speed on Infinite’s processes. Everything here is done to a very specific and high standard, with the goal of delivering a consistent and high-quality product to the client. I had seen it before when I worked with Infinite while in-house and was always impressed. I’m even more impressed now that I’m here and working behind the scenes. Also, I got to watch my new colleagues in action during that first week. Everything is so fast-moving, and the skill, passion and grace that everyone showed at all levels was inspiring.

What sectors are you covering for clients?

I primarily cover the legal industry, which involves a huge breadth of practices. Clients I work with handle high-impact litigation, sophisticated transactions and sensitive investigations across a range of industries. But on any given day I might also be working with a consulting firm, software company, or other client in need of public relations support.

Tell us about your average day at Infinite Global.

I’ll report back once I’ve had one.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, gardening, and just generally being outdoors. Also, sweatsuits. Have you heard of these things? I was recently gifted my first sweatsuit from my sister and it has changed my life in ways that I struggle to comprehend or explain.

What skills from your previous career give you an advantage as a PR consultant?

Being a former reporter, I feel like I know what’s newsworthy and what’s not. I’ve spent many hours pitching stories to editors while working in journalism, so that helps today when thinking about how to frame a narrative on behalf of a client.