Podcast: Jennifer Johnson Scalzi and Jamie Diaferia Discuss the Latest in Legal Marketing at LMA International

April 23, 2019 • 13 minute read

From the benefits of bringing new thinking to an unfamiliar sector, to exploring the elements that make up great client service, this Infinite Global podcast, recorded at the 2019 LMA conference, explores the opportunities and challenges for law firms taking a fresh approach to marketing.

We caught up with Jennifer Johnson Scalzi, Founder of Calibrate Legal, to record direct from the event. Hosted by Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia, Jennifer discusses the importance of looking outside the “law bubble” to see what is working in other professional services organizations and how firms can distinguish themselves in a crowded field. The episode also looks at social media use in the legal sector and how some firms are falling short by using platforms like Twitter for the wrong audiences.

Tune in and enjoy, and for more information about how to create your own podcasts, read our blogs “Can podcasts be valuable to legal and professional services firms? and “Easy ways to find content for your podcast.”