PODCAST: Exploring the changing face of ‘traditional PR’

April 14, 2021 • 6 minute read

Editor’s Note: The following podcast is part of an ongoing series offering insight into recent advances in thought leadership approaches, alongside strategic advice and expertise to help marketers add value to their firms via proactive PR and content campaigns.

The latest Infinite Global Podcast takes an in depth look at the changing face of ‘traditional PR’ as brands continue to explore the opportunities afforded by advances in technology to become publishers.

Patrick Tooher, Infinite Global’s recently appointed head of FS and former City Editor of the Mail on Sunday, along with Steve Vinall, Director, Global Communications, at Rackspace Technology, sit down with Digital Strategy Lead Jamie Obertelli, to discuss how these changes have affected media relations approaches, metrics, and social media.

The podcast also explores the risks that firms face when they fail to build and maintain relationships with the media, especially when it comes to dealing with a PR crisis.


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