PODCAST: How Infinite Global created its Big Law Media Benchmarking Report

March 15, 2021 • 2 minute read

Editor’s Note: The following podcast is part of an ongoing series offering insight into recent advances in thought leadership approaches, alongside strategic advice and expertise to help professional services stakeholders add value to their firms via proactive PR and content campaigns.

The latest Infinite Global Podcast takes an in depth look at the use of data to create a content anchor for our latest special report examining the media footprints of the Global 200 law firms.

Digital Strategy Lead Jamie Obertelli, is joined by Ryan McSharry, Director, Head of Professional Services and Jesse Dungan, Vice President, to discuss the development of this first investigation of its kind.

The podcast also explores how the data was used to single out the firms that are outperforming relative to size and revenue. We also discuss the importance of bespoke analysis from industry experts in adding value that goes beyond the data.

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