PODCAST: How the rise of stakeholder engagement will impact the legal industry

January 25, 2021 • 3 minute read

Editor’s Note: The following podcast is part of our ongoing Infinite Insight series of discussions between Infinite Global colleagues on the changing needs of clients and emerging PR, communications, intelligence and content trends. The series provides practical advice for in-house teams on working effectively with their agency partners to raise their firm’s profile. 

Infinite Global President Zach Olsen and Vice President Ken Kerrigan join Head Writer Andrew Longstreth for an in-depth discussion of the themes touched on in their recent joint article in the New York Law Journal – ‘All Rise: The Future of Big Law in an Era of Stakeholder Engagement.’

In the episode, Zach and Ken explore how law firms can take steps to improve their values-based culture and prepare for the challenges that await in 2021.

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