Climate comms opportunities and risks: Joshua Hindle and Scott Addison write for New York Law Journal

February 28, 2023

In a recent contribution to the New York Law Journal, Infinite Global Senior Account Executive Joshua Hindle and Director Scott Addison discuss considerations for how businesses and law firms communicate what they are doing to address the climate change crisis.

Climate change’s impact is painfully visible across the globe, manifesting itself in various new and increasingly concerning forms, from heat records to melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels.

At the same time, there is more pressure than ever on businesses to communicate what they are doing to address this crisis. That goes for law firms, too. Their key constituencies—clients, prospects, talent, media—want to know the extent to which they contribute to the solution or exacerbate the problem.

Engaging in the climate change discussion isn’t always easy for law firms. That is especially true when they are challenged to explain work for companies and industries which have substantial negative impact on the environment. But turning your back to the conversation and not preparing to answer difficult questions presents a serious risk to business. And for firms working to combat climate change, explaining these actions can help facilitate the conversation and move the needle toward further progress against the climate crisis.

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