Harmonizing a law firm’s identity: Steven Andersen writes for New York Law Journal

April 26, 2021

In our latest contribution to New York Law Journal, Steven Andersen examines the key elements that law firms should consider to ensure they are communicating a clear and consistent identity to the outside world.

A few years back a law firm leader asked me a straightforward question: What makes a law firm a good PR client? You might as well ask what makes a good law firm, as the two are most often one and the same. I thought for a moment and gave two answers. One, from a good client you tend to hear the same things from everyone you talk to at the firm. Not verbatim, but similar themes from different people in different practices. Two, a good client does things for a good reason—specific intent that is thoughtful and strategic, not random reaction to the latest perceived need or threat.

Since that conversation, I’ve thought of a third hallmark: the ability to present a clear and consistent identity to the outside world.

Doing so is a challenge that all firms face, and some fare much better than others. A clear law firm persona helps win business, recruit law students and attract lateral talent. It plants seeds that help people think, “That’s a place I want to work,” or “That’s a firm I want to work alongside.”

It’s an axiom that clients hire lawyers, not law firms. There’s a lot of truth in that, but it’s not the only thing that matters. A well-defined identity for the whole firm projects strength and stability, a rising tide that floats all boats. It’s not easy to do, and the larger the firm, the tougher the task. But it can be done with commitment and the right approach.

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