Infinite Global’s Real Estate team convenes expert property panel at Placemaking: The Regeneration Debate

December 20, 2019

On November 20th 2019, Infinite Global’s Real Estate team hosted Placemaking: The Regeneration Debate. The event was the latest instalment in Infinite Global’s placemaking campaign, Place Stories, and was held at the London headquarters of HKS Architects.

The debate was chaired by Christine Murray, editor of The Developer, with the expert panel including Liz Peace CBE (Chair of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation), Gary Sacks (Chairman & CEO, City & Docklands), Tom Hawley (Strategic Adviser to Yoo Capital’s Future Olympia project and MD of THE Consultancy), and Elizabeth Rapoport (Strategic Development Manager for Meridian Water, Enfield).

Reflecting on the event, Tal Donahue, Account Director at Infinite Global, said:

“First and foremost a massive thank you to our panellists who really brought the topic of placemaking to life for the audience. It’s a subject, and a term, which has so many definitions and it was fascinating to hear how placemaking is being interpreted in practice, leading to the delivery of places and spaces which put people and communities first while delivering real economic value. From our perspective at Infinite Global, placemaking endeavours can live or die by the quality of the communications that not only promote a scheme but which proactively bring stakeholders along for the journey of place creation. This level of creative engagement and storytelling goes a long way to developing places which resonate with the people who dwell there and with the wider ecosystem of stakeholders who will influence the viability and longevity of a site.”

“We’re looking forward to continuing our Place Stories campaign in 2020 and further exploring just what it means to make and sustain a great place.” To read a summary of the event and the key takeaways from the panel click here.