Leon Black faces reputational fallout: Jamie Diaferia comments to Town & Country

June 4, 2021

Infinite Global CEO Jamie Diaferia provided commentary to Town & Country on how financier Leon Black’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein played a role in the former’s reputational damage.

Leon Black, the billionaire alumnus and former Drexel Burnham Lambert banker, had been known as a financier on Wall Street and was synonymous with Apollo Global Management for over 30 years. However, through his association with Jeffrey Epstein as the co-director of his Black Family Foundation, Black has experienced the fallout from this relationship.

As accusations of Epstein’s operation of a sex trafficking ring came to light, scrutiny was put on all those who associated with him – including Black who was considered a friend of Epstein’s for more than two decades. Despite protestations of innocence, Black ultimately stepped down from his leadership roles at Apollo and agreed to give up his chairmanship of New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

According to the article, Black has become a cautionary tale for the rising stars on Wall Street and demonstrates that what money can buy reaches its limit. At a time of generational change in the financial industry, the scandal was enough to topple the man who was worth $10 billion.

In speaking to the reputational issues involved, Jamie Diaferia weighed in saying that any connection to a child molester leaves an indelible stain. He comments: “There are certain things you can come back from. Being associated with a pedophile is not one of them.”

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