Net zero communications for law firms: Tal Donahue writes for Lawyer Monthly

July 1, 2023

For many, if not all, law firms, climate change and the transition to net zero is increasingly a critical strategic issue: from how far firms remain attractive to  next generation talent, to building resilient, sustainable business models that will thrive both today and in the future.

At the same time, scrutiny and expectations are rising – from influential stakeholders across the legal market, not least including the media – resulting in significant communications challenges for firms.

In an article published during UK Net Zero Week by Lawyer Monthly, Senior Associate Director Tal Donahue explores these issues, and how far climate change is now fundamental to law firm reputation.

For most law firms, if not all, having a position on climate change is now a hygiene factor. Across all sectors, the adaptation of businesses and business models to thrive in the ‘net zero’ economy (and survive the transition to it) is a critical commercial imperative. It is also, particularly in the transitional period that we are now in, a communications imperative. Reputation risk looms large.

But, on the face of it, the legal sector may seem like it has comparatively little to fear from a reputational point of view on this issue…

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