Why litigation PR needs to be part of your marketing plan

March 17, 2020

Jamie Diaferia and Zach Olsen author an article for the ABA’s Law Practice Today discussing the importance of including litigation PR in a marketing strategy. 

In today’s world of viral Twitter threads and fast-moving news coverage that can almost instantly push legal disputes into the headlines, cases aren’t tried only in the courts, but in the media and the court of public opinion.

For lawyers who want to help their clients take charge of the storyline and shape their images, a litigation-specific public relations strategy is more important than ever. With it, lawyers can fine-tune their talking points and reach out to carefully selected media outlets—from the local TV news station to The New York Times—to educate journalists about a case’s legal considerations and the ramifications of a verdict in either direction.

The effort can quickly net high-profile coverage that echoes a client’s top-line messaging and steers the court of public opinion to their side. Law firms that don’t incorporate a well-planned litigation PR strategy could hurt their clients’ cases and causes.

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