Guiding power company through ransomware attack

Power Company Ransomware Crisis Communication Strategy. Close-up shot of networking cable management located in the server room.


Infinite Global was engaged by an international power generation and supply company after its newly acquired partner in the U.S. suffered a major ransomware attack.

The company asked us to develop and implement a communication strategy for reaching its key stakeholders, including employees, financial institutions and major business partners. Those stakeholders knew about the business disruption but not the cause or potential implications.


We took a proactive communication approach, providing stakeholders with regular updates emphasizing the company’s steps to manage the outage. But we also intentionally limited the information about the incident to control the narrative without making conclusions before the investigation was complete.

During the investigation, the cybercriminals re-extorted our client, raising additional risks and leaks. We continued to work with the client, providing regular updates to key audiences and promptly providing responses when questions arose.


Throughout the investigation, the company reported no unhappy partners or employees. Due in large part to the closely controlled nature of the communications, the company also avoided any media attention.

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