Hodge Jones & Allen – Unjust Kingdom

“Barely one in five people in the UK believe the justice system to be ‘fair and transparent’, new research has found. The data suggests that 37% of the UK population trust professionals working within the legal system, while more than half (54%) feel the justice system is inaccessible.”

This quote was the opening paragraph to a press release that sparked online and offline discussion about Unjust Kingdom: UK perceptions of the justice and legal system – HJA’s most recent report on the challenges faced by the justice system. Following from the previous year’s successful ‘Innovation in Law Report’, Infinite Global was called upon to undertake the research, insights, copywriting, design and amplification of the firm’s new thought-leadership piece.


We began with an extensive data-gathering task, collaborating with research consultancies to conduct a survey of more than 2,000 people, which highlighted certain trends and attitudes early on. More than 500 experienced legal professionals were also surveyed, then the results from both sides were compared and scrutinized for insights.

The primary objective compared to the previous report was the firm’s desire to motivate discussion and engagement – to present trends for open debate by the people that are affected by judicial system accessibility issues. We centered on two main methods to achieve this: in the content and insights presented, then in the channel mix and amplification strategy.

Firstly, by arranging content into four overarching categories, the core subjects of discussion could be narrated and subsequent bitesize content could be easily identified. These were colour-coded in the design phase, exhibiting HJA’s vibrant secondary color palette. Each chapter was also preceded by an infographic that summarised the important figures and statistics. Secondly, we prompted the reader to join the debate on Twitter and LinkedIn by using a branded hashtag, which allowed for easy measurement and also for the firm to have visibility throughout conversations. In a series of final take-away chapters, content was analysed from a regional perspective and future trends were forecasted by our legal experts.

We also interviewed and filmed Patrick Allen, Senior Partner at HJA, who was quoted within the report. This video interview was spliced and branded, then published to the firm’s website and social channels alongside the main campaign to increase audience engagement levels through moving image.


With conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn higher than the previous year and more traffic flowing to the firm’s website, a landing page ensured HJA could track conversions and report downloads.

This project paved the way for Infinite Global and HJA to work together on a more ambitious content and storytelling campaign – read the case study of Hearing Their Voices here.