PSFI brand launch

• 3 minute read


Having worked together for many years in different entities, a group of leading management consultants were consolidating into a new firm of partners. They had agreed a name, Professional Services Firms International (PSFI), and Infinite Global was approached to undertake the brand conception and implementation.


Initial discovery work reviewed potential competitors, marketplace activity and the wider commercial landscape for trends and opportunities. Internal workshops engaged the full team of partners and explored the firm’s purpose, values and distinctiveness. Understanding internal ambitions and the external commercial landscape allowed us to focus our development work when articulating newly determined brand values across creative territories.

Working iteratively with the the PSFI project group of partners, we established new brand identity components, including a primary logo, primary and secondary color palettes, typography, imagery and tone of voice. And a concise but approachable brand guidelines document introduced the brand, visual identity and templates.


With a tight schedule before the new initiative went to market, we needed to equip the business with newly branded primary templates and digital platforms from which to launch. A challenge arose as we began to understand the flexibility required of our templates in order for all partners and staff to be able to create and edit documents and presentations. The simplicity and clarity with which these were designed and delivered was crucial to ensuring that they were accessible to users of varying proficiencies.

We also designed and built a simple website with a well structured site map, upon which PSFI could exhibit its new visual identity and service offering, as well as collect new data from contact forms.

Attracting new clients and developing quickly in its early stages of growth, feedback from the PSFI team was very positive following the brand launch. The firm has since opened a new office in Germany and continues to grow year on year.